The ultimate shave formula for men and women who demand the best. Luxurious, creamy, and enriched with natural ingredients, it naturally moisturizes sensitive skin as it softens facial and body hair allowing for an extraordinarily smooth, close shave.Originally formulated for athletes like bicyclists, swimmers and bodybuilders who shave their bodies, Brave Shave’s super-rich formula quickly caught on as the ultimate face shave. Strong enough to tame the heaviest beards, but gentle enough to pamper

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Brave Soldier Skin Care

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Introducing a revolutionary new product…Improve the length and intensity of your ride with the comfort of AsMaster. All cyclists know, when your comfort is increased, so is your performance. AsMaster is formulated with a blend of 9 essential oils and other natural ingredient to provide the ultimate riding comfort. It can be used with synthetic or natural chamois. Prevents chafing and protects from saddle sores. And, AsMaster isn’t just for cyclists! This safe and gentle product may be a

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AsMaster Skin Care

After race or training.Aids muscle relaxation and drainage of muscle masses.High oxygenating capacity.Post competition/exercise massage cream.Ozone Tone Cream in 100ml Tube.

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Ozone Skin Care

TriSwim Conditioner hydrates and conditions dry and damaged hair without leaving a heavy buildup and leaves hair shiny, smooth, hydrated and healthy looking.Hydrates and conditions dry and damaged hair without leaving a heavy buildup Light pineapple/citrus scent Leaves hair shiny, smooth, hydrated and healthy looking

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Ozone Skin Care

Contains everything you need to effectively treat common road rash injuries immediately after crashing.Proper use of this kit helps prevent abrasions from healing with dirt and debris embedded in the wound.Contains Antiseptic Ointment4x3 non-adhering wound dressing (2)3×3 general use surgical sponges (2)6″ stretch net burn gauze (2)4×2 bandages (2)1X3 bandages (2)Butterfly cut closures (2)Betadine antiseptic pads (2)Antiseptic towelettes (2)Advil Pa

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Brave Soldier Skin Care

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Nathan Power Shower Body Wipes provide an easy way to clean up after a workout in a portable, resealable travel size.Power Shower Body WiipesSafe to use on the entire body Portable, resealable travel size Fresh, clean scent Perfect to carry to the gym or anywhere you workout. Cleans gym equipment as well 10 wipes per package

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Nathan Skin Care

Dermatone Skin Care

Insect repellency- Tests at Florida A & M University concluded that this formula was as effective as DEET for over 3 hoursSun block- Provides Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection in SPF 25Water proof and Sweat proof Enriched with Aloe and antioxidant itamin EProduct can be reapplied with out risk.Safe for kids

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